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Ron Van Sweringen, born in Hampton, Virginia in 1936, describes himself as a “slightly eccentric” self-taught artist.  Over the past 35 years, Mr. Van Sweringen has translated his lifelong fascination with art of all kinds into oil paintings ranging from early primitive and impressionist to classic landscape, still life, and beach scenes with and without people.  Most recently, this talented artist is driven by abstract themes and styles and defy categories.  He describes this flurry as an “obsession-it rules you!” All of his paintings reflect the sense of proportion, style, color and beauty in the world he sees around him and is compelled to share on canvas.

Mr. Van Sweringen’s paintings have hung in collections shown in The Reagan White House, the Corcoran Museum of Modern Art Biennial Exhibition, with members of the Royal Family as well as in private collections.  He has been recognized in The 2005 Artists Bluebook: 34,000 North American Artists to March 2005, by Lonnie Pierson Dunbier, Davenport’s Art Reference:  The Gold Edition by Ray Davenport, other art publications, and online at 
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